💻 Bearing, my new macOS helper tool for Bear.app


I built a little helper tool named Bearing which allows for scripting Bear. It adds to Bear’s own capabilites by slightly abstracting and enhancing the experience:

  1. There’s a dedicated bearing CLI tool that accepts plain arguments. No more bear://… calls, no more URL-encoding anything.
  2. The CLI tool returns callback responses as JSON.



A few weeks back I switched from Evernote to Bear. I like Bear a lot (Markdown!) but its lack of Applescript support is irritating. Out of the box, Bear can be automated using its x-callback-url API, yes. But you don’t get any return values for those calls in a simple way.

I guess that’s why all existing Bear-related scripts go H.A.M. on its SQLite DB. The Bear FAQs say the following about that:

For most users in most situations, we highly recommend not [to work with Bear’s database]

Great. Also: understandable. That led to me setting out to build a simple wrapper app so I could work with Bear from command line and scripts in a easy and structured way without putting the notes database at risk.

What can it do?

Example: Creating a note

/usr/local/bin/bearing \
  create \
  --title="Bearing test note" \
  --text="Works for me!"

… returns …

  "title": "Bearing test note",
  "identifier": "4963F8B4-3FE0-4835-B96D-7DCCB6101A62-1917-00013DC4BC4EE819",
  "_success": true

Searching, tagging, editing etc are supported, as is everything else the x-callback-url API allows for. :)

Dope, let’s go

More information on usage, installation and whathaveyou can be found on Github:

It’s still early days, and it definitely still has a few rough edges, there are bugs. If you find any, just let me know, please!

Major shoutout to Platypus <sveinbjorn.org/platypus> 💻

It’s a dope little app to build simple script-powered macOS apps. Fun fact: it was released in 2003 and the project is still active!

🎮 AC:Origins is nice, you guys ………🐪

A few days ago I started Assassin’s Creed: Origins on PS4 after buying the complete edition during a PSN sale, and hoo boy, what a game. Absolutely stunning, lovely atmosphere, so much to do (duh, it’s a Ubisoft game), and I’d say I’ve seen less than 20% of it so far. 👍🏼

I was about to write “I’ve played most AC games” but after taking a look at the release history I realize I was wrong. 😅 Anyways, I put AC on ice when I got series fatigue after finishing Unity, so that means I’ve never played Syndicate, Origins or Odyssey.

Origins, then. It’s nice and YOU CAN RIDE CAMELS 🐪🐫, and it keeps me from feeling guilty for putting Witcher III on hold halfway through.

Hello world! 👋 Well, “hello again”, I guess. :) I started blogging around 2000, built an actual multi-tenant blogging site with a few hundred users, experimented with different formats, lost interest, re-gained it, lost it again etc.

You know how it goes.

Today I decided to give Micro.blog a shot; these days, I want my hurdles for blogging & posting low, and even running my own Hugo-powered blog is a bit too much. I’ve a life to run, damn it!

Anyways, hej hej! I’m Carlo, I hail from Europe 🇪🇺, I’m CTO of #German #sustainability company RECUP (we’re building a deposit system for reusable coffee-to-go cups). 💚 I’m a software dev, I love me some good PS4 videogames 🎮, I try to be the best husband I can be, I’m a P.U.N.K. (professional uncle, no kids), futurist, transhumanist, comical element.

Glad to be here, let’s see whether Micro.blog will work for me. Glad midsommar! ☀️

Nature can be pretty pretty. #fire #flowers #fantasyfootball #feminism

Dear 6-year-old Me! It’s 2020 over here. I write vis-a-vis your fascination with playing cowboy or robber, and let me tell you, the novelty has worn off by now

According to my man @monoxyd@mastodon.social it is #glamourfriday — who knew?

So there, SOAK IT IN. Yes, I’m wearing pants, too, because I’m profesh like that

You’re next, go!

Nature is awesome 😍

Got me a new pair of pre-loved denim jeans… 👍🏼 #reuse

Garden Yoda disapproves of springtime. Cheer up, Yoda!

Die Dinger sind echt lecker, und die 57% Recyclat schmeckt man gar nicht raus! #vegetarisch

Die #CSU bleibt sich treu, egal ob die Welt brennt oder nicht. Jetzt mal ehrlich, Fahrradfahrer, denkt doch bitte mal an die armen Autofahrer!!! Mofos. #klimakrise

Hurra, endlich darf ich darüber sprechen! Wir bei RECUP konnten Shell Deutschland als Partner gewinnen - das bedeutet 1200 neue Ausgabenstellen für Coffee-to-go im Pfandbecher! War ein hartes Stück Arbeit, aber damit sind wir dann insgesamt knapp 5000 Ausgabestellen und dem Ziel, die “Pappbecher” abzuschaffen, ein Stück näher gekommen. w00p!

Seriously, both D and I very much enjoy our sweet, sweet downtime at the moment. Doing nothing is underrated AF

Testing the new mic setup… The new acoustic shielding and that shock mount definitely improved the situation! It’s still not perfect but much better than before. 🙂 I can work with that.

Having to re-record bars because of echo sucks, you guys

Beautiful morning sky was beautiful #münchen #munich #goodmorning

I really like this hanging garden, always have…

It was a good day. #klimastreik #climatestrike #münchen #munich #fridaysforfuture

TFW you realize you somehow became one of “them”

What a cutie! This old Fiat 500 is about 1.4 meters tall. You could probably fit two of them into any current SUV.

By the way, I’m in favor of taxing cars not just by mileage and motor size but also by their actual volume in relation to population density of their “homestead”. You want to drive one of those tanks, fine, but please pay for the communal space it uses.

My homegirl [@tammyschmidt_art](https://instagram.com/tammyschmidt_art] has just the best accessories ✊🏼♀️

That #chicken is so money, you guys

I’m about to lose it

So majestic. True nature fun fact: one kick and a bite from a moose are enough to kill a white shark

🌍 And it’s on. Join us! #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #climatecrisis #münchen #münchenmusshandeln

Let’s start this day, then! #climatestrike #münchen #tedxmünchen