I get you, road sign… I get you.

Meißen hat ein paar echt cute Ecken, y’all

Solid. Pretty.

Oh, the memories! What a class act, that guy. Me and whatshisface go way back

About three weeks ago, that moment happened. While spectacular, it was but a glimpse of all the beauty and craziness and joy and raw emotions life would throw at me over the course of the week that followed this here photo. Wild days, truly. I <3 the weird-ass herd I run with, and will never ever except them as a given in my life. :)

Plans for tonight:

  1. I’m gonna take a horse to the old town road 🐴

That’s it

Postel am Lustwall. OH YEAH

This is what Ezio Auditore da Firenze woke up to every morning.

Well, that and everyday murder. He probably had a First Civ alarm clock too.

Seriously, Tuscany is absolutely beautiful. Since none of my many pictures can do it justice, this will have to do.



Today’s office: Chiemgau. It’ll do, thanks

That’s 1000 days of meditation for me! 🧘‍♂️♥️ Mindfulness practices, mostly. It’s not always been easy but to me, it is time well spent each and every day. (Thanks to my partner in cri… calm, @calm!)

“Dare to be different” etc. #SoDeep

Whatever. Pretty flower is pretty!

I dig that mural. The color splotches are a nice touch. I don’t know whether those are an intentional part of the whole thing, out just vandalism. Without them, the mural wouldn’t be complete, tho.

Ach guck, das ist neu: @rebowl2go 😁 Abonniert es und sagt’s weiter, Leute!

Gnihihihihi 🤭 (Das Gelände heißt eigentlich Kistlerhof.)

Kollegin @lissy_wo hat gekocht. Ich meine, daaaaaaaamn

I never met a more relaxed horse. So chill queues “Old Town Road”

Beautiful old #Volvo is beautiful.

Irgendwie war die Asam-Kirche heute besonders schön. Vielleicht wars das Licht, keine Ahnung. #münchen

That’s not terrifying at all

Wildblumenwiesen in #München. Mog i!