Actions for Obsidian: iOS Launch!

Actions for Obsidian v1.1 for iOS is finally here!

Download on the App Store
Two iPhone side by side, showing several Shortcuts actions

Many thanks to all the testers who sent in bug reports and feedback over the last months! 🙏🏼

Hey — if you're as elated right now as I am and have a Product Hunt account, why not upvote the launch on Product Hunt? 😎 TIA!

How much does Actions for Obsidian cost?

Short answer: Just like the macOS app, the iOS app is free to download from the App Store. There is a 14+ day trial period. Afterwards you need a license. Single-platform licenses (iOS or macOS) are $9/ $12/ $15, depending on what you think is a fair price!

Detailed answer: How much does Actions for Obsidian cost? - Actions for Obsidian: Knowledge Base

I decided against subscription pricing, even though it would have been a better choice financially. But I personally prefer software that I can buy rather than rent, because it gives me independence from the fate of the company that makes it. (Here, I exclude tools that rely on server components which need regular maintenance etc.)

Available …World-wide?

Almost. The app is available in 174 out of 175 App Stores — I know it’s merely a symbolic gesture, but I’ve excluded Russia until they stop their unprovoked war against Ukraine.

Слава Україні! 🇺🇦🖖🏼

What’s next?

I’ll publish my public roadmap soon; there’s a solid backlog of new ideas and feature requests, and I’d like my customers to get a glimpse of what’s planned for the next versions. I’ll keep you posted!

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