Plans for tonight:

  1. I’m gonna take a horse to the old town road 🐴

That’s it

Postel am Lustwall. OH YEAH

This is what Ezio Auditore da Firenze woke up to every morning.

Well, that and everyday murder. He probably had a First Civ alarm clock too.

Seriously, Tuscany is absolutely beautiful. Since none of my many pictures can do it justice, this will have to do.



Today’s office: Chiemgau. It’ll do, thanks

That’s 1000 days of meditation for me! 🧘‍♂️♥️ Mindfulness practices, mostly. It’s not always been easy but to me, it is time well spent each and every day. (Thanks to my partner in cri… calm, @calm!)

“Dare to be different” etc. #SoDeep

Whatever. Pretty flower is pretty!

I dig that mural. The color splotches are a nice touch. I don’t know whether those are an intentional part of the whole thing, out just vandalism. Without them, the mural wouldn’t be complete, tho.

Ach guck, das ist neu: @rebowl2go 😁 Abonniert es und sagt’s weiter, Leute!

Gnihihihihi 🤭 (Das Gelände heißt eigentlich Kistlerhof.)

Kollegin @lissy_wo hat gekocht. Ich meine, daaaaaaaamn

I never met a more relaxed horse. So chill queues “Old Town Road”

Beautiful old #Volvo is beautiful.

Irgendwie war die Asam-Kirche heute besonders schön. Vielleicht wars das Licht, keine Ahnung. #münchen

That’s not terrifying at all

Wildblumenwiesen in #München. Mog i!

Finding new and exciting ways to break my bones!

Man, I just ❤️ our garden during the green seasons 🌳🌿🌻

Der Kulturdachgarten am Stachus gefällt mir. Die Preise für die Speisen sind etwas hoch, finde ich, aber der Rest passt. Kann man hingehen!

Manchmal reichen schon die kleinen Dinge. #BiergartenLifestyle

Springtime! Bees! Sun!