The Big Blog Move of 2020

I’ve just finished moving my entire blog to Hello M.b! There were a few stragglers (M.b has some issues when importing Markdown files with quotes in front-end matter “title” fields) but I’m good now — settling in, shaping my new virtual couch cushions to my liking, etc.

My blog posts go back to 2002. I started blogging a bit earlier than that, actually, but I’ve pruned the archive over the years because not all those morsels stood the test of time. Nothing serious, nothing terrible, just some light dosage of Applied Forgetting. It’s permitted and it’s possible because this here content is mine, it never touched Facebook or its ilk, and every time I moved to another site, engine, destination on my journey, I would pack my bags and take that content with me.

That should be the most natural thing on the net … yet somehow it still is kind of special, isn’t it. We might yet get there, though. More people are waking up to the idea of owning their data. Ace!

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann