Hello world! 👋 Well, “hello again”, I guess. :) I started blogging around 2000, built an actual multi-tenant blogging site with a few hundred users, experimented with different formats, lost interest, re-gained it, lost it again etc.

You know how it goes.

Today I decided to give Micro.blog a shot; these days, I want my hurdles for blogging & posting low, and even running my own Hugo-powered blog is a bit too much. I’ve a life to run, damn it!

Anyways, hej hej! I’m Carlo, I hail from Europe 🇪🇺, I’m CTO of #German #sustainability company RECUP (we’re building a deposit system for reusable coffee-to-go cups). 💚 I’m a software dev, I love me some good PS4 videogames 🎮, I try to be the best husband I can be, I’m a P.U.N.K. (professional uncle, no kids), futurist, transhumanist, comical element.

Glad to be here, let’s see whether Micro.blog will work for me. Glad midsommar! ☀️

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann