My revamped blog is now live at this here new domain,

Moved to a shorter domain, switched to a Hugo + Gitlab + Forestry + Netlify setup. It’s still a static site, it’s still super-fast, it’s still devoid of any tracking and analytics. (I just don’t care about those numbers.)

The heart of the site is a Gitlab repo. Netlify runs Hugo & serves the site every time changes are pushed to the repo. Forestry (CMS) is committing to the repo. Convenient AF.

This warrants a longer post …later. Until then, a few quick take-aways:

  1. Netlify: ★★★★★ It’s just made for building & hosting static sites. Aside from setting up their free custom SSL certificates you can pretty much configure everything via a config file in your repo. Ace.
  2. Forestry: ★★★★★ CMS for a static sites (Hugo- or jekyll-based). Slick, super-easy to set up once you got Hugo and Netlify going. Having that thing is game-changing.
  3. Hugo: ★★★★ Crazy fast static site generator, it’s made a solid impression on me so far. The templating syntax takes a bit getting-used-to, though.
  4. Bulma: ★★★★ CSS framework. Me no designer but Bulma nice
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