These Amazing 12 Alternatives To The Word "Awesome" Will Stun You In The Face

Awesome. Everything’s awesome. Everybody’s awesome. So much awesome. All the time, 24/7, maybe more! And I get it: this is the 21st century. All the things are totally amazeballs, without exception. We’re all winners, all of us. Top of the game, thanks for playing, y’all.

Anyways, I see your plight. It’s 20 minutes until that big meeting. You’re about to present your (baking soda volcano / disruptive startup / marriage proposal / weird old trick) to (a pack of super-critical VC’s / traffic cop / an angry axe murderer / the Gods / HackerNews), and your pitch contains 200 instances of the word “awesome” while being 300 words long. That’s clearly less than ideal. Your future (well-being / monies / job / sex life / accommodation) depends on these five minutes.

Fret not. I’m here to help. Take your pick from these fine alternative to the blatantly overused word “awesome”.

  1. “good”
  2. “nice”
  3. “slightly amusing”
  4. “meh”
  5. “alright”
  6. “quite okay”
  7. “jolly”
  8. “fucksticks”
  9. “not butter”
  10. “utter bollocks”
  11. “yo papa”*
  12. "… err, does anyone here know how to use a dictionary? No? Well then. As I was saying…"

At that point, “awesome” isn’t a word anymore, it’s a fucking comma. Making an originally exceptional term meaningless just because we don’t know any words — that’s not cool, you guys.

Please, let us all stop. Thank you for your time.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann