Post-It #33

Standing up for your truths, videogame movie adaptions, videogames violence, the history of Boing Boing and a paraplegic woman controlling robotic limbs with her brain.

Sanding slippery slopes. “Never Lie About Who You Really Are” by NPR’s Dan Pallotta is a strong essay for not letting things slide. It may be tempting to just ignore stupidity and ignorance coming my way, but ultimately someone has to pay a price, either me (by dying a little bit inside) or someone else (think customer care people having to deal with bugs/oversights in software or some such).

So you’re not gay. You can still develop the strength to stand up for your truths. Stop trying to think outside the box. Start thinking outside the closet.

Do it right, please, or not at all. How Hollywood Should Adapt Videogames: Interesting, lengthy essay about games being turned into movies, with a spotlight on the Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Deus Ex: Human Revolution deals currently in the works.

On violence in videogames. It’s about a month old at that point, but Nathan Grayson’s “Why Aren’t We Discussing Videogame Violence?" is still a timely, really good, important post on the goddamn dead elephant in the room.

If gaming’s detractors say one thing, we say the opposite. Gaming causes violence? No. There is absolutely no problem with the fact that most big-budget games spill enough blood to make the Red Sea’s name literal. None whatsoever.

The history of Boing Boing. FastCompany’s lengthy tale of how Boing Boing came to be is an interesting read. I don’t actively visit BB that often, but I always found their breadth of topics quite enjoyable nonetheless.

From the HOLY CRAP YES PLEASE department: CBS' segment “Breakthrough: Robotic limbs moved by the mind” is quite the thing. The short version: Paraplegic woman undergoes brain surgery and can now move robotic arms and hands with her brain, with the signals going through two hardware ports in her head.

Seeing this and thinking about it makes my scalp tingle. It’s a great time to be alive.

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