Post-It #32

Counting those Stephen Colberts, new spacesuits, stem cell research tripling mice life spans, and the mystery of the dark night sky explained.

One of the great satirists of our time: How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?: An enjoyable look at one of my favorite satirists. Towards the end there’s a short excerpt from the long list of his “exploits” — it’s quite astounding, really.

It’s Buzz Lightyear! NASA’s Z-1 spacesuit prototype looks familiar. What most people don’t know is that design-wise, the current line of NASA’s hard-vacuum-capable space suits is roughly 40 years old. Fourty years! And people laugh about Russian Soyuz tech…

Let’s grow really old. Old Mice Made “Young”—May Lead to Anti-Aging Treatments:

To [stem-cell expert Johnny Huard’s] astonishment, the treated mice lived an average of 71 days—50 more than expected, and the equivalent of an 80-year-old human living to be 200, he said.

The scientists suspect that the young stem cells the mice were injected with secreted something that influenced the host bodies in a good way, causing slowed aging. They are still puzzled at what that mysterious secretion is.

Why is the sky dark at night? Interesting question, answered by the MinutePhysics people:

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