Post-It #29

Dev HTTP Client, Calepin closing, Facebook dick move #2754, shoelace knots, dubstep agriculture.

Bloody useful. Dev HTTP Client is a Google Chrome extension to "[e]asily construct custom HTTP requests, save them permanently, take advantage of variables and contexts." Comes with lots of neat features such as response syntax highlighting (HTML/XML/JSON) and image previews.

Calepin is closing shop. The blogging service I use for this here blog is called Calepin, and I like it a lot (as mentioned before). Unfortunately, Jökull can no longer maintain it and so decided to close shop in June. He open-sourced the project, tho. If anyone wants to pick it up…

Being no stranger to the blogging game, I know all of my options, but I gotta say, Calepin’s concept (single files in Dropbox + push-button publishing via the website) really appealed to me more than the everything-in-Github-and-publish-via-Terminal way. I’d switch to Calepin-contender Scriptogram in an instant if they would allow for more flexibility in their blogs' URL paths.

Better not use the word “book” there, pal. In the name of your new project, and if you’re a Facebook user, that is. As Ars reported a month ago, if you’re a FB user, you’ve agreed on a legally binding contract that prevents you from using several words in your own, non-FB projects. Nice to see they’re staying in character.

Fukken shoelaces, how do they work? There’s more than one way to tie a knot. I own some shoelaces that come undone rather easily (due to their teflon-like surface material), but tying them using the Ian Knot helps.

Hardcore l33t farming. Today’s extreme e-sports video (spoof) is delightful.

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