Post-It #28

localtunnel, Baldur’s Gate, Sparrow for iPhone, Russian space program, Dow Jones, RUIN. In that order.

Get it out there. I fell in love with localtunnel this week: “The easiest way to share localhost web servers to the rest of the world”. Let’s say you want to temporarily share your local dev server (running on port 3000) with the outside world, i.e. a client or a colleague. Run the server as usual, then do a gem install localtunnel && localtunnel 3000. Boom, done. Your local server will be available on the URL the gem will output ( It’s similar to but it’s free.

Blast from the past. Baldur’s Gate for iPad was announced. Yes!

Mail on iPhone. Sparrow for iPhone is a thing of beauty. The current v1.0 doesn’t have push, but I can very well live with that. Now if there only was a way to make Sparrow the default mail client…

On a related note, I’m not a big mail-on-handheld nut, i.e. I actively try to avoid doing mail on my phone as much as possible, for the same reason I try to avoid playing games on it — my brain needs some downtime every now and then, and generating input everytime I wait in line for a minute is preventing it from generating any output. It’s unable to create while consuming.

Lost in Space. Fascinating stories from the early Russian space program, uncovered by two Italian youngsters in the mid 1950-1960s using their self-made radio equipment.

The Dow Jones is fukken broken. The New York Times asks, “Why Do We Still Care About the Dow?" As someone who isn’t a finance worker person, I have to say the article makes a compelling case against keeping the Dow Jones around.

RUIN. Last but not least: a 8-min CGI short movie for your enjoyment.

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