Post-It #27

DNS validation, meta-news, Backbone, shirt-based US election humor, git.

A DNS validation service that doesn’t suck. I can recommend, they’ve served me well.

Important (videogaming) news. Rock Paper Shotgun somehow manages to distill the gist from every gaming headline ever into a neat yet funny list. These people are professionals.

Backbone Patterns. Rico Sta. Cruz' list of useful Backbone techniques comes in rather handy. I like his idea regarding partials. Speaking of Backbone, I’m currently having a good time with Backbone and RequireJS. (Unit testing’s a bit of a bitch, tho, but more on that in a later post.)

Finding with git. Different ways of using git for searching through your files. I did not know that!

Newt 2012. I believe (in monsters)! Yes we can (run for our lives)! Get the shirt to show your true colors. From the famosos over at Sharksplode.

Newt 2012

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