Post-It #25

Links that will change your life forever.

Alright, let’s pick up my old 2007 habit again of collecting interesting links in a quick post.

Quinn Norton’s three part series on Anonymous' past and present in WIRED is rather good and very well worth the read:

DocumentUp “Automatically generated documentation sites for your Markdown files!” Nice idea, very well executed. Kudos!

That’s not quite correct. I believe I found a minor issue with TweetBot’s translation service.

I don’t always switch between Ruby versions, but when I do, I use Hendrik’s rbfu. It’s a tiny, lightweight, sane alternative to rvm and rbenv. It even supports auto-switching to a particular Ruby version depending on your current folder. Handy! (As I’m not a fan of rvm anymore.)

The Death and Return of Superman is amusing for all the uncredited cameos (Simon Pegg, Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore etc.) and the overall insanity – and I say that as someone who doesn’t care about Superman at all. Via lots of people.

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