Movember 2011: €300! [English]

Well, Movember 2011 came and went, it’s time for one final update.

Me, beardless

Over the course of the last four weeks I was able to rake in a total of €3011 going to the Movember Global Action Plan benefitting prostate cancer research and prevention world-wide. Many thanks to Susi, Mike, Marcus, Brad, Christian, Hendrik, Alexander, Mario, Dawn and my parents! You guys rock.

Also I’ve actually talked about prostate cancer with a number of people — it’s not necessarily the most awesome topic at a party but it’s important nonetheless. And in the end it’s what this drive is all about, innit.

And then there were the updates and the pictures. Gods, the pictures. I realized rather quickly why I had decided years ago on going bearded all the time — I look terribly silly without. Thankfully, my hair knows how to grow, and my face got some of its manly fur back rather quickly.

The results speak for themselves, I think.

Quigley, original and fak…hommage

(By the way, did you realize how crazy expensive it is to get Alan Rickman to (agree to a Quigley Down Under re-enactment photo shoot? Should you feel (like pitching in to help me cover my runaway expenses, be my guest.)

In any case, I had fun! The Movember donation box will remain open until Dec 9th, 2011. A big “thank you” to all who participated and chipped in! :D

Me and my Quigley

  1. That’s roughly USD 65.000, I believe. ;) ↩︎

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