Movember 2011 [English]

When Hendrik told me I’m missed Cocktober (ask him…), I was very sad. But then I realized this year’s Movember is upon us, and I wasn’t sad anymore. True story!

So I scrambled to register myself there, pledging to make more of a fool out of myself than usual over the course of the coming month. What for, you ask? For a good cause:

I’m trying to raise money for prostate cancer research. Many men still shy away from the related cancer exams, considering them decidedly un-manly. Reacting to this silly notion a lot of educated gentlemen like yours truly try to counter it with the most manly fur-based inventions of them all: the moustache. (Hence, “Mo-vember” — it’s quite clever, you see.)

On November 1st, we shave. Oh, how we shave. I, for one, let go of my luscious beard. During the rest of the month we’ll grow mighty ‘staches to both direct attention to prostate cancer research and raise money for it. These donations go to the Movember Global Action Plan where it is passed on to researchers around the world. It’s a good thing.

3 stages

Funny thing: there’s no dedicated Movember site for Germany (yet?) so I had to improvise. Thus, I’ve created a profile on Movember Belgium site which happened to be the only European community site that a) shows donations in Euro and b) is available in English.

Well, and here’s where you come in now. I’d like you to support this important, good cause and fork over a few bucks. Whether my hairless mug is as shocking to you as it is to my wife or as funny to you you as it looks to me, please donate a few monies to prostate cancer research worldwide. To do that, visit my Movember MoBro page and click the big “Donate to me” button below my still hairy mugshot. Every dime counts! Gracias!!!

As a Thank You I’ll keep on entertaining you with my loss of dignity — each morning I’ll snap a picture of my mug and my slowly returning manliness, posting them online every other day. Should you find that thought scary: you don’t have to watch that.

I’m freezing.

(My face is freezing… Is that normal?!)

In closing I’d like to thank my lovely wife Dana who started her show of support with a hearty “You do know you look stupid without your beard, right?". Yes, dear, I know. That’s part of the concept!

Also a “Big ups, playa” to my first sponsors, Susi Löffler and Mike West — rock’n’roll!

Well then, people — please donate:

Moustache Season is open

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