Introducing Your New YUIDoc Theme

I like YUIDoc. I don’t like its default theme. Since I couldn’t find any other themes on them internets, I wrote my own, named “Dana”.

Since I normally use YUIDoc to document either pure Javascript or jQuery code1, I didn’t keep any of the old YUI code; I’ve ditched pretty much everything and started from scratch. And this is what I’ve come up with:

Screenshot of one of YUI’s many many classes

As you can see in the screenshot, as an example I’ve generated the well-known YUI API docs. So here’s the original YUI documentation in its original look — and here is the very same documentation sporting the new Dana theme.

I hope you find the latter more pleasing just as I do. :) Click around a bit; check some of the class documentations for a more in-depth comparison; play with the filters; feel the luxurious yet cheap plastic underneath.

This is a work in progress. It’s reasonably stable and working for me so far. YMMV. If you encounter errors, please create a ticket.

You’ll find “Dana” on GitHub. If you’re so inclined, you can dowload the latest stable release as zip/tgz file, too.

Dual-license, MIT & GNU GPL v2. Tested in Safari 5 (OSX), FF3.6 (OSX), IE8 (WinXP).

UPDATE: the good folks at asked me whether I wanted to write a post about Dana. I wanted to.

  1. Why yes, YUIDoc works just fine for non-YUI JS code. ↩︎

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