Assorted MacRuby Snippets

Some things I’ve learned or discovered during the last few days. Nothing special, but taking notes is usually a good idea, so there.

Get values fromInfo.plist

For example, app name and version:

info = NSBundle.mainBundle.infoDictionary

Open an URL in the default browser:

url = NSURL.URLWithString("")

Run an AppleScript

Sometimes you want to execute a short AppleScript snippet to save yourself some time by using the higher-level functionality AS offers instead of writing a huge block of MacRuby. (For example, to eject a FS volume.) Here’s how you do it (the AS is deliberately simple):

script = "display dialog (\"omg\")"
pnt = Pointer.new_with_type("@")
as = NSAppleScript.alloc.initWithSource(script)

More info at

Delete nodes/tags from an XML document

Let’s say you have a variable doc which represents a NSXMLDocument, and you want to remove all em and cite tags:

error = Pointer.new_with_type("@")
selectors = [ "//em", "//cite" ].join("|")
doc.nodesForXPath( selectors, error: error ).each do |n|

More notes might follow at a later date. :)

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