The big blog move of 2009

Just a heads-up: I’ve moved my blog today — in two ways. First, I’ve ditched my self-hosted Wordpress setup in favor of Tumblr. Because I ♥ Tumblr.1 Second, it’s now sitting on instead of Old article URLs 301-redirect to their new locations, so all should be well.

Also, I’ve cleaned up the blog history; about 2/3 of the old posts are gone. Most of them either simply lost their context, contained nothing but (now) broken links or are not worth keeping online. Doing my part to keep the intertrons lean!

The move was made possible by Wordpress' export-to-XML feature, the Tumblr API and a few lines on Ruby code. (The latter is a big hack job, but it works for me. You’ve been warned.)

And to top it of, I’ve picked a new Tumblr theme named “PostCreate” and hacked it to my liking.

I’m pleased so far. :)

  1. Case(s) in point: my tumblelog, the TwerpScan blog, the CharPool blog↩︎

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