Twitter Twerp Scan update: Reputation

Another late night Twerp Scan coding session. I mean, why not? ;) So, what’s new today?

  • User reputation: You know the people you’re following, right? If you like what they do, give them a thumbs up or down rating. (No registration necessary. Just click.)
  • Some more pagination options: If you want, you can see all your contacts at once now.
  • The table columns can be re-ordered. Want the verdict right next to the name? Click the column header, hold the mouse button and drag it over.
  • More vertical space. It’s a wide table, after all.

For me, the reputation is a big one. Up until now, there was no way (that I know of) that allowed for community-driven behaviour rating. Here’s the idea: we can block the “bad guys” all we want, but if I’d block @buyinsurancelol, you wouldn’t know. But now I can give the guy a “thumbs down” in Twerp Scan, and if you have him in your contact list, you will see he’s got a thumbs down.

On the other hand, if a 100 people think @MyBlogLog is an okay guy (he is) and give his Twerp Scan contact list entry a “thumbs up”, you’ll see it in your contact list (on Twerp Scan)—which might convince you his 1:7 ratio and his following 15k other people are okay.

Well, at least that’s the idea. It’s a community-driven experiment. So consider playing around with it for the betterment of interwebs! Since it’s a pluggable system I think there are other possibilities… For example a Greasemonkey script that adds the reputation thumbs to the actual Twitter pages etc. Let’s brainstorm. The comments are open.

Well, that’s it. Head on over to Twerp Scan to check out the new features. And please let me know what you think, either via Twitter or the comments below.

(By the way, big thanks to the YUI team, the Yahoo! Pipes and JS- Kit for making this endeavour so simple. Appreciate it! Now if there only was something so simple to make the page less fugly…)

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