Running: Recap Week One

I’m in the running business for a bit over a week so far. I’ve managed to finish the first four runs without breaking down, getting hit by a car, having to cry, falling or getting lost; and without dropping a single run.

I’m kind of proud of myself.

Using an unnamed maps site, I’ve laid out a nice 4.5km route in the neighbourhood. My first route was only 3.75km, which turned out to be too short. I got home while the music was still playing… unacceptable. So, back to the drawing board, add a few streets, great.

I still don’t like it. The second half of each go is nice, tho… because I know I’m about to get home.

Nevermind, I’ll keep on doing it. Can’t hurt, and it makes me feel better.

Unless I break down, get hit by a car, have to cry, fall or get lost, that is.

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