Ma.gnolia FAIL, Or: Rendering OpenID Useless

I can’t really remember the other few sites where I’ve seen this, but Ma.gnolia’s newly added OpenID support is a good example on how not to implement OpenID.

So I go there to register an account, and sure enough, I find an OpenID form.

Ma.gnolia OpenID form #1

I click the button, allow Ma.gnolia to use my ID, and end up here:

Ma.gnolia OpenID form #2

Umm, yeah… but no. I used my OpenID so I do not have to think about new usernames. I believe that asking me to come up with an unique username completely defies the concept of OpenID. Using OpenID in this form is like having a story line in a porn movie. Sure, you can boast that your movie has a plot, but who cares? It’s still just a smutty flick.

Somehow I think that one of us two isn’t completely understanding the concept of OpenID. Is it me?

(Disclaimer: I am not discussing the overall quality of Ma.gnolia here. I don’t use it. Others do and seem to like it, so I have no opinion in that regard.)

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann