"I like it!" (It's called Auto Suggestion)

After much deliberation I’ve decided to give running another shot. No, not the short “omg the bus is leaving!!1” burst-kind of running (I do that rather often), but the type where you excercise three days a week for half an hour or so.

Since I usually don’t come home before nightfall I will go with the morning routines. But I don’t want my work day schedule to change, so I’ll just get out of bed ~45 minutes earlier. At least that’s the plan.

So today I got up at 6:30, brushed my teeth, had a glass of water, got into my clothes, put on the headphones and started running to the music.

Here’s my setup:

Clothing: I don’t have any pants for sport or excercises. There, I’ve said it. My name is Carlo and I don’t “do” sport. Well. Thinking it through, I came to the following conclusions:

  • I don’t know whether I will stick with it or not (I’ll try to, tho).
  • I don’t like to look like a confused scuba diver with sunglasses – no black spandex.

I was afraid my amazing efficiently working subconciousness would manage to get me lost in finding the right clothes, effectively foiling my feeble attempts at doing something. Thus, I just donned an old pair of jeans, a longsleeve shirt, a down vest and sneakers.

Now imagine my surprise—I was able to exercise without spending shitloads of money on “Pro athlete”-themed sportswear. I believe the other jogging enthusiasts I’ve met probably think I am a madman.

Hi, I’m Carlo, rebel rookie runner. How you doing?

Music: I’m currently making use of Podrunner Intervals, a free podcast for running exercises. Check it out, it’s pretty sweet, even tho the parts for running are a wee bit to slow for my taste. I’m almost 2m tall, maybe my legs are too long. ;) But I’ll cope.

The single episodes are between 20 and 30 minutes long, and consist of a mix of slower and faster tracks. It’s a good mixture. Each week’s episode is going to push you a bit harder, until after 9 weeks you should be able to run 5 km in one go. We’ll see how that’ll work out.

The first run: Good! I’ve been moving for ~30 minutes. In the end I was sweating profusely but didn’t feel like killing myself, which is a big plus. Still, it wasn’t fun. Sport, for me, simply isn’t fun. At all. That said, the “I’ve done something for my body!" feeling afterwards is nice. :)

So, the sole reason I’m writing this is to keep myself from giving up prematurely. Looming shame is a powerful weapon, and this post shall be my reminder it might hit me shouldn’t I suck it up.

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