Planet Yahoo! updates

Evening, y’all. This is Carlo, your friendly Planet Yahoo! maintainer, with a quick note.

A few hours ago I’ve updated the engine that aggregates all the different Yahoo! blogs into the big purple blob that is Planet Yahoo!. Said update adds better ordering of the blog entries, and the feed parsing should be more solid. Most changes are under the hood, so nothing too interesting for the end user, i.e. you.

And it’s the same as with any update: while I don’t think there’ll be problems, it might turn out I was wrong. Heh.

One minor issue: the syndication feed will be marked as “fully updated”; so a number of older entries that you’ve already marked read in your newsreader might pop up as unread again. Not to worry, this will only happen once.

The good news is that in the process I’ve decided to spend some time to build a better (pardon the audacity), yet unofficial feed for the Yahoo! Research site. Also, I’ve updated the MyBlogLog badge, even though I know that most of the readers never visit the site, but just subscribe to the feed.

And that’s it for today about PY!. Cheers! -C.

PS: The rest of my wacky daily adventures is currently been prepared for a multi-part TV treatment over at my blog. But you might know that already.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann