Revelation, Garden Store Edition

Dana and I went to the garden store earlier today, since she’s is working on cutting back our apple tree and realised that she needs better tools for that.

Trying to be a good and interested husband, I tagged along.

Now, I don’t like garden stores. Yes, pretty flowers and all that, but I don’t like stores in general, so it’s a drag. But I wanted to help her in finding the right tools, so there.

Then it dawned me that if I would change the premise of picking out tools, I could have much more fun. So I did. My premise?

Impending Zombie attack.

I got to admin: standing in front of all the tools, discussing saws, scythes, spades and hedge shears from the point of view of someone who is preparing for a Zombie attack was actually fun. “Honey, look, if I could apply this thing to the small scythe here, it would give me an extra meter of reach… I could probably decapitate an undead before he comes in attack range. What do you think?” – “Yes, that would probably work.” – “What about the café over there? How many entrances has this place? How long could we hold it?”

I may be crazy, but I feel better prepared now.

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