Podrunner...ing... I guess

It’s amazing what 30 minutes of frantic walking can do for your sanity. Tonight, when getting out of the subway and noticing my bus had just left, I’ve popped in a 131bpm Podrunner mix and started walking. A good 30 minutes later I found myself on my doorstep with a clear head.

Check out Podrunner, a free weekly podcast of one hour gapless music mixes for workouts and the likes. The only trick is to find a bpm range that suits you. Then put it on your iPod.

It’s simply that good.

Nerdy pro tip: once you’ve found your bpm range, build a Pipe like I did and subscribe to this feed instead of the original one to only get podcasts which are “suited” for you. Oiy!

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann