Site(s) Redesign Complete!

I’m done with the redesign. Both my tumblelog and this blog now share the same layout and (the most important parts of the) sidebar, adding some much needed consistency.

Also I’ve got rid of the Google Coop search and put the Technorati search to use instead, it’s good enough in my eyes.

The biggest change in functionality is the switch from the built-in Wordpress comments system to Disqus, on both my blog and tumblelog. Naturally, I’ve added a tiny bit of logic to the Wordpress templates so the existing comments are preserved, displayed, and those entries are still accepting new comments (assuming the Comments Timeout plugin allows it). But for new entries, Disqus is used. I figured if I don’t like it, I can always switch back and cram the exported Disqus comments back into WP.


Now if I could use Markdown for new posts instead of Textile, I’d be a happy camper. The WP Text Control plugin is no help, unless you consider making the server drop the connection every time helping. I don’t.

Repeated tips of the hat to Bill Israel for sharing his wonderful Letterhead Tumblr theme with the crowds (CC licensing FTW!). Due to its beautifully simple semantic structure I was able to transform it into a Wordpress theme in about two hours. Thanks, Bill!

In somewhat related news: the Hendromat has launched a new tumbelog last night—Make Games, Not Love, MGNL for short. Go check it out.

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