Lifestream Tinker Toy, Powered By Yahoo! Pipes

So, (almost) everyone is totally crazy for lifestreams these days. In case you managed to get around the whole issue so far: a lifestream is basically a big bucket (i.e. web page) where all the updates and update notifications from your blog, your ADD-induced Twitter posts, your Flickr uploads etc come together in one concise way so it’s easier for others to ignore them. Also, you only have one URL to hand out to hot women in pubs because the stream inadvertedly works as a hub page, too!


Anyways, I was talking with Hendrik about the various stream services out there, and I figured it’d be fairly easy to build something server-less using a wee bit of Javascript and Yahoo! Pipes. So I’ve spent around an hour to do just that.

The basic idea is that you make a pipe containing all your feeds, and then access the output using Javascript from your page. Add some styling, and voilá.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, but hey, it’s just a prototype. It’s not life- or game-changing in any way, but I’d like to share anyways.

Update 2007-11-21: It’s mostly broken right now since I am playing around with something. Not to worry.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann