Spock.com invites, anyone?

So I have 100 invites for this new site called Spock.com. In a nutshell, I see it as Wikipedia + search engine, but just about people. It’s an interesting approach. For a general quick explanation, feature list, a few screenshots and all around overview, see this TechCrunch article.

The interesting thing is that it’s not a social network, but more of a meta- hub that allows you to find, tag and describe yourself and/or others. Like a mix of Jyte and ClaimID. It’ll be interesting to see it either take off completely (like Wikipedia) or tank completely (because of malicious users).

Anyways, I have invites to give away. If anyone is interested, leave a comment below or email me at carlo@zottmann.org. I’ll need your email address for that.

And if you already have access to it, stop by my entry.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann