Good bye, Media Temple

Logo: A Small Orange After giving Media Temple a go for a few months regarding hosting this little blog on their much-touted plan/platform, I’ve decided it’s definitely not worth $20/month for me.

Seriously, it’s just a wee blog, nothing big. In fact, it’s mostly a plain vanilla Wordpress setup. Nothing special there. And also I don’t get many visitors, so I was surprised to see the site to awfully slow. What gives? On top of that is the SSH access responding at glacier speeds at any given time; very underwhelming, too.

So I’ve packed my things and set up shop at A Small Orange. It’s small, it’s (said to be) reliable, and the change has been astounding (to me). It’s nothing fancy in the sense that they redefine web hosting or anything, they just host my stuff, and that’s it. Which is fine.

In the end, I pay a 1/4 of what Media Temple cost me, and in return get something that is more like what I was looking for. At least for the last two days. ;)

I might keep you updated about the long(er) term experience.

Update 2007-06-15: Some small grammatical fixes.

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