Carlo & The Carpet Cutter

A week ago I was doing some home improvement. Well, I tried. And failed. In a spectacular way—the carpet cutter slipped and chopped through the back of my thumb.

For a split second I had a clear look at my joint, then it got messy.

Well, Dana got me to the ER – not after saving my life, tho! Standing upright next to the stairs (upper end), I lost consciousness for about 30 seconds. She grabbed and yelled at me, and after a while I blinked and was back. Oiy.

Anyways, we got into the ER, and the friendly lady at the reception desk said “What’s wrong?", and I could finally say the one thing I had always envisioned, yet never had the chance to pull off.

“I’m bleeding.”

Had to grin a bit after I’ve said it. So worth it. (Well, not really.)

To make a long story short, they stitched my thumb together again. Turns out I had actually really reached the joint, and even partially cut a tendon. Splendid.

Now my whole hand is in a cast.


Typing is slow as molasses, mostly because the freaking cast is in the way. The stitches are starting to itch, which probably is a good thing, but that doesn’t make it better.

The doc gave me two weeks off, and until then, the web is mostly “read-only” for me. Because writing is slow, as mentioned—this blog entry took half an hour.

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