Maga-what? Reading Habit Meme

Huh, so I’ve been tagged by Frank. Splendid. :P

I’ve used to read quite a few magazines in the day, mostly to feed my habit (PC gaming, back then); a remnant of happy times past, when I was a kid. You see, I grew up in Eastern Germany, and while I had no problems or real shortcomings there, I never really had the chance to buy computer magazines of any sort (programming, gaming etc.)—simply because there were none.

Well, then one happy day, friends of my parents from Western Germany visited us, and lo and behold, they brought a few dozen (slightly outdated) computing magazines, just for me.

Needless to say, a great day in my life.

But with the advent of the Intertron I retreated more and more from reading paper magazine, mostly because they’re too slow. And also have horrible search facilities. Plus the links don’t work, or even worse, there are none.

Still, I read some magazines. Not many, just a very few. Mostly on the weekends, because it’s so much cooler to read while lying in a hammock, and let’s face it, a laptop in a hammock just doesn’t cut it.

So, what do I read these days?

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin—great little publication, comes with the SZ Friday issue. It may sound silly, but I really fell for that one. I consider it one of my weekly weekend highlights, because I thorougly enjoy it.
  • The Escapist—a weekly free magazine about gaming culture. Not about reviews and previews and what’s hot etc, mind you. The magazine approaches gaming on a more psychological, human, laid-back level. Each issue has a particular topic, and you can read it either on the web or print it out (beautiful PDF version!) and read it on the subway. Which I do every now and then. Quite frankly, it’s a magazine so good I would actually buy it. Or subscribe to it.
  • I stopped reading PM Magazin a short while ago, after getting it monthly for a few years. Somehow it doesn’t click with me anymore. Someone once described it to me as “Bunte für Intellektuelle”, which I found funny, while at the same time think it’s slightly incorrect.

Well, that’s it. I toss the topic on to Hendrik, Mike, jeck, Zhaneel, Beryl and - as an experiment - the funky folks at Go!

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