Das Tumblringen!

I’ve started a tumble log the other day. I consider it an experiment; first of all, Tumblr is an exquisite service with a whole lot of potential. It serves as an extremely easy and comfortable tool to link all the new doodads, gimmicks, funny pictures and clever quotes I find on the Intertron.

And secondly, all the cool cats are doing it already, so there.

Thus, for the time being, I will do what Hendrik did and deactivate the daily automated splicing of my new del.icio.us links and blog-worthy Flickr pictures into my tail -f carlo.log RSS feed, and opt for Tumblr raking them in automatically. In addition I’ll throw in the gems I found while reading feeds in Google Reader! What a deal!

That means if you want to keep track of the little things I see and find, those which do not warrant a blog post on their own here, take a look tail -f carlo.tumblr. Yes, I know the name is lame, screw you! :p There is an RSS feed, too.

So, yeah.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann