Mini Review: "300"

Good entertainment. They’ve painted some grand pictures there; I’ve enjoyed the visual style. Loved the presentation; the fighting scenes with the slow/full motion switches were very well done. Featured strong women, always a plus.

Wasn’t as visionary as the hype wanted me to believe, but it has most certainly set a new high in action cinematography for me—it’s as much a visual milestone as The Matrix was back then. (Other than that you can’t compare those two flicks.)

Faramir didn’t really fit in, I think. Good performance, but his blond hair stood out a bit too much.

I still don’t think it should be called ‘600’, tho.

Had the right length.

PS: I don’t feel like barking “This is Sparta!” repeatedly at all. I want my money back.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann