Post It #23

Quote of the day. Today by Beryl. Wise words, for those of you who don’t know or may have forgotten:

Do not pour your heart, soul, and life into your job. When the job goes sour, you may have nothing left.

That said, I really like my job. But it’s not my life—and that isn’t a contradiction.

Schöne Worte. Dana über das, was ich tue—programmieren, gern auch kreativ.

Es ist irgendwie Handwerk, ja. Du arbeitest schon mit Deinen Händen, aber Dein Werkstoff sind Ideen.

How to beat Google. Rich Skrenta lists some thoughts on how to do it.. I like this little nugget of wisdom, because it’s well said. (Emphasis mine.)

You cannot build something new and different with a big team. Big teams are only capable of duplicating existing technology. The sum of 20 sets of vision is mud.

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