Battery Hail Storm & Energy Efficiency

Hail: The Return of the Sun is a well-done ad/movie for solar power. Watch it, it’s pretty cool. I saw the ad in a cinema the first time, and I found it quite good.

Staying with the topic energy & efficiency: When Dana and I moved to the new house, we made it a point to use CFL bulbs wherever possible.

Now, after taking a long, hard look at the various doodads sitting around the TV, which are burning energy in standby mode all day long, I’ve decided to introduce a master/slave extension lead to the mix. So these days, when I turn off the TV, the six other machines around it (gaming consoles, sound system, DVR etc.) are completely turned off as well automatically. It’s pretty neat, albeit not perfect yet.

And according to my calculations the 25€ I spent on the extension lead will be paid for by the energy bill savings within less than a year.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann