Post It #20

Right, I remember! Did I ever blog about being interviewed (“mentioned” would probably be the better term) by the guys over at the Yahoo Publisher Network blog? About Planet Yahoo!, of course. Hilarious how I completely forgot about this…

April 30. There’ll be an ARG to stimulate the Collective Intelligence to deal with the idea of an oil crisis starting end of April. I must say, I love the idea. There is apparently such a huge demand for ARGs, why not use this raw potential to do something worthwhile? World Without Oil aims to do that. Kudos.

Mac game development. [via Hendrik] Game developers give the Mac another look—this can only be a good thing. Yay!

Troubled languages. English is degrading each and every day, says Glass Maze’s lapsed cannibal in a amusing, yet angry rant.

I often find myself in meetings where the English language is beaten, burned, shat upon, drawn-and-quartered, and finally twisted into a monstrous parody of itself, then slapped onto a powerpoint slide and projected onto a wall, where its shame and ignominy are visible to all.

And you know what? He might be right, but I believe blood would come out of his ears on a daily basis, if he were a caring German listening to his native language. Don’t know what I mean? Take what he said, double it, and imagine parts of any given sentence being peppered with English/German halfbreeds constantly.

I notice that I, personally, see a decline in the quality of my German – which is my very own tongue, mind you –, due to the fact that I speak English half of the time for a good number of years by now. I switch between the languages without effort, sometimes in the middle of a sentence, and – worst of all – interchange English and German words rather frequently. Shame on me.

But the longer I think about it, the more I wonder whether this is a price we have to pay for globalization… Remember Blade Runner with his “gutter speak”? Just thinking out loud.

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