Akismet & HashCash

The good fight against blog comment spam continues—I’ve added HashCash to the mix after noticing the Akismet plugin catching up to 250 spam comments per night. Let’s see whether with HashCash this number goes down; after all it is supposed to stop bots, so the comments shouldn’t end up in Akismets queue in the first place. If you have problems posting comments (if you want to comment here for whatever reason… can’t think of anything at the moment), drop me a line. My mail address can be found around here, you know where to look. Update: I deactivated HashCash again. After Akismet had to filter out ~50 spam comments in the last two hours, it became clear to me that HashCash doesn’t help at all. Awesome! :P

Update #2: It dawned me that pretty much all of my incoming spam is trackbacks, and HashCash doesn’t process those for apparent reasons. Huh.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann