Post It #14

Quote of the moment. Simon on SEO, SMO and TLA’s:

SMO, or “Social Media Optimisation” — digg spamming now has its own TLA.

Real life recursiveness. Best warning sign EVER. A sign warning about itself. Classic “WTF?” moment. This is deep.

On Mistakes. Glass Maze: Mistakes were made—an angry, yet polite, essay on political semantics.

So if a guy’s ever caught cheating on his wife, say, he could tell her: “Yes, intercourse with someone other than you may have taken place. Ejaculation could have resulted. And I take full responsibility for this unfortunate set of circumstances, as they occurred under my watch.”

Text on the web. The Onion nails what’s wrong with most text on the web, even though they aren’t even trying. The image itself is pretty funny, but it’s a good metaphor also.

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