Post It #13

Yahoo! Pipes logoSwinging big. Yahoo! Pipes is live! Go play around with it. It’s really good stuff with almost limitless possibilities. I didn’t work on it personally, and I’m speaking from an end-user perspective. Jeremy Zawodny, Tim O’Reilly and Ed Ho (one of the Pipes developers) described the product in detail earlier today already, so go read. And play. Have fun! Awesome job, esteemed colleagues.

And now the weather. Quote of the day [via Beryl]:

You know it’s cold out when teenagers actually wear coats.

Chair folding. Interesting video. I see real practical use for a product like this. Not for everyday, of course, but every now and then…

Sociality. I am aware that this is not a valid word, but then again, this is not really a valid page either. Hey, I had to put it somewhere

getYear(). getYear. No, not that year! is a funny list of bad Javascript getYear() practices. Stuff like that is both awful and funny:

var year=RightNow.getYear(); if (year==106){year="2006";}

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