OpenID & CardSpace

Oiy. Microsoft announces interoperability between CardSpace and OpenID:

On the heels of the Windows® CardSpace™ general availability launch in Windows Vista™, Microsoft demonstrated momentum with industry partners that are working to apply this technology to help consumers realize a more confident online experience. This includes the announcement of collaboration on use of Windows CardSpace with the OpenID 2.0 specification. Through the support of the WS-Trust-based Windows CardSpace experience, consumers can take advantage of increased security against phishing attacks without adding complexity to their identity management experience.

Some clarifications and what it all means by JanRain CEO Scott Kveton [via]:

JanRain will never require users of our libraries or services to use Windows CardSpace™. We offer support for this technology as another option for users much like using our Safe SignIn and Personal Icon technologies on We’ll also continue to support the OpenID efforts going on with Mozilla and Firefox.

(For more meat, read Scott’s blog post.)

It’s still sinking in at this point, but damn, this is big.

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