Post It #12

Technorati WTF. Technorati launches their WTFsystem. I see the possibility of serious abuse, but we’ll see whether I am too paranoid. Anyways, the short summary:

Know something that’s hot? Explain why! This is your opportunity to write a quick explanation for the buzz around a popular subject. No blog required!

getElementsByClassName() in Firefox 3. Native, built-in! Because John said so.

Get your URLs straight. A good explanation why everyone should be using disambiguated URLs by (of course) Mr. Willison. (Now all I need to do is “fix” my site.)

Presently. Apparently Google is working on a presentation tool. Is anyone really surprised? I ain’t. For the time being, I’ll stick with S5, tho. But I believe Google will be taking a slightly different approach than the creator of S5, i.e. they’ll continue catering to non-geeks.

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