Post It #6

BookmarkID? Ka-Ping Yee came up with a funny idea on how to battle phishing using browser bookmarks.

Google Earth Space Art. [via Mr. Willison] Space Invaders on Google Maps/Earth. Great. :)

Amen. Mr. Alfke, you’re absolutely right:

“[A]nyone who’ll voluntarily use ‘vi’ in the 21st century will put up with anything. [..] And that goes for ‘emacs’ too [..] I thought emacs was really cool, in 1986. That’s when it was really cool to have a DEC VT220 terminal in my dorm room with a 9600 baud connection to a VAX running BSD 4.3.”

Frag Mama! Der Michl ist im SZ-Magazin! Knüller. War ganz überrascht, als ich ihn da sah. Junge, aus Dir wird nochmal was!

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