To Infinity!

‘Take a leap into hyperspace’ is an interesting article about the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics awarding the title “Liquid Propulsion Best Paper” to a team of scientists around Jochem Häuser (Germany) and Walter Dröscher (Austria), who published a paper called “Guidelines for a Space Propulsion Device Based on Heim’s Quantum Theory”, which deals with (hold on to your pants) dimension drives. Well, hyper drives. Well, not even that, but apparently the serious possibility of moving shit around really fast by manipulating forces in eight dimensions.

I don’t understand much of physics of that caliber (who does?), but I find it gripping nonetheless. What I find amazing is that the AIAA apparently deemed it solid and real enough to hand out an award.

Mandatory Wikipedia links: Heim Theory, Burkhard Heim, Walter Dröscher.

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