Post It #1

Wee hands: A baby gorilla grasps the hand of a caregiver at the Lefini Faunal Reserve. The center was set up to rehabilitate “bush-meat orphans,” young gorillas whose mothers are illegally killed by poachers for meat. Gorilla babies rely on the care and emotional support of their mother for as long as eight years.”_ I don’t know whether this is one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen or one of the most depressing—assuming the circumstances.

Jam recommendation: Cloudberry Jam, available at your local IKEA store. It’s swede-licious!

Simon leaving Yahoo!: “Last Friday was my last day at Yahoo!. I’ve had a fantastic time there, and will really miss working with Tom, Paul and the many other superb Yahoos I’ve had the privilege to meet.” Huh. So much for my dream to shake his hand when some day visiting the London office. (PS: He’s not talking about me, we don’t know eachother. Still…)

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