A Year In Moments: 2006

I am planning to write a more or less full rundown of the year past for a few weeks by now, and I finally faced the fact that it won’t happen anytime soon—i.e. probably never. So I’ve decided to simply jot down some corner stones of a year that was strange, cool, tiresome and good to me.

  1. Proudest overall moment: Standin on ~80m2 of laminate flooring after installing it. I did it all by myself within 2 full days; yes, you can see it, it’s not perfect, but I installed it with my own hands. Great feeling. (I hardly couldn’t move for four days afterwards… bygones.)
  2. Best job moments: shaking hands with the European VP after he told me my contract would be changed into a fulltime employment. A few weeks later I got the promotion mentioned when I had started the job. (It’s been an awesome ride right from the start, and it got …awesomer.)
  3. Most exhausting moment: The moment the movers were out of the door, after they moved all our stuff to the new house. This was the culmination of roughly 10 months of planning, working, renovating and doing stuff. The minute it was over, we were happy, but done with.
  4. Best gaming moment: standing/sitting in line for a Wii for a few hours. Silly idea, but it’s been a funny morning.

It’s hard to summarize a whole year; silly, actually. Still, when looking back I have a wee bit of a hard time to remember what happened. Mostly because it’s filled with so many things and events, in my personal life, in my career, then there was the whole house thing… I didn’t blog much, so that is not helping either.

(But realizing it makes for a good new years resolution. Scribbling down seamingly irrelevant observations, ideas and/or events means externalizing one’s memories. I should remember that more often. Note to self: in 2007, write at least one blog entry per week.)

Still, while I am amazed 2006 flew by so fast (apparently), I don’t think I am missing much by not remembering. The overall feelings when trying to reach back in my memories are those of being incredibly busy, of being incredibly tired and of happiness.

A good year, then.

What were your best moments in 2006? Feel like sharing? In this case—tag, you’re it! ;)

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann