TV Review: "Heroes"

So… [Heroes][]. I watched the pilot and the first episodes over the last few days, and to be honest—I couldn’t stop. It’s all around a great show so far, from story (great) to writing (great) to acting (great) to everything else (great).

![Heroes: Mohinder][]

Somewhere, I read something about the show along the lines “X-Men, before they became X-Men”. And actually, it’s not far from the truth. The story (or stories) are those of ordinary people today who discover they can do extraordinary things; they are the next steps in human evolution.

Indeed, this sounds a lot like X-Men. But here they are, without a professor in a wheelchair, without a “School for the Gifted Youngsters”, without an idea what’s going on with them… they are alone, unsure what to do, how to continue their lives. But in the end, these are everyday people. There’s the Japanese worker drone who learns he can bend time and space, the drug-addicted painter with precognitive powers, the young man who believes he can fly, the unbreakable teenage girl who just wants to be like everyone else…

And there’s the Indian genetics scientist who figured out a way to identify them, is murdered, and his son who wants to find out who killed him, and in the process picks up his father’s work.

It’s somewhat hard to talk about any given episode of “Heroes” without handing out spoilers by the dozen. So, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to watch it, right from the beginning. Each episode has a cliffhanger that had me staring at the screen in disbelief. Oh yes, it’s that good.

It might not be for everyone, true. But if you have a knack for superhero stories or X-Men (the movies), you will probably love “Heroes”. In that case make sure to visit [the official NBC site][], too—it’s quite good, with a lot of extras that are worth checking out. I believe you can even watch full episodes there.

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