EVE... Stop hurting me, baby

When Hendrik dropped a few bomb shells about the upcoming EVE expansion, I was feeling a bit unsure at first. On the one hand, I love playing with him. (Yes, I know how this sounds.) Plus, EVE consumed quite a bit of my time in the past; actually I dropped out and in a few times by now right from the beginning.

EVE OnlineOn the other hand, my relationship with EVE was always somewhat …abusive; I wanted to like EVE, I actually still do, but she kept hitting me over and over again. Mostly with boredom, while at the same time flashing off some nasty (the good kind).

I always felt like there was much love just around the corner, but in the end it boiled down to doing endless cargo runs, spending mindnumbing hours mining asteroids or quickly dying at the hands of some over-equipped, merciless (and most likely also bored) ass enemy player.

(Let me tell you: after doing endless cargo runs or spending mindnumbing hours mining asteroids, dying quickly at the hands of some over-equipped, merciless (and most likely also bored) ass enemy player is to fun what a McNugget is to a real chicken.)

Nonetheless—I loved how EVE doesn’t put silly limitations on you. It just doesn’t. There this huge, vast playing field, waiting for players to fill it, and I always just loved the feeling of having no limits. Trading? There. Fighting? There (alright, point’n’click). Playing the stock market? There. Auction house? There. Shiny things? You bet. Skill trees, warfare, money making, team play? They got you covered.

In the end, tho, it always ended with me looking for a good corporation to join. I was looking for a casual outfit. The problem with that? A casual outfit/corporation probably won’t cut it. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to put in some real effort. But sorry, I already do have a job, I am looking for a game. I doubt you can make a difference (or play a nice, fun game) when you’re on your own. So I couldn’t find a good corp, got bored or frustrated, and left. Then wait a few months, see something shiny, let the “wounds” heal, forget, rinse and repeat.

And now they dangle Revelations before my watering eyes, and the more I read about it, the more I feel my weakness grow. Damn you, Mans! God, I hate you. :P

Anyways, the expansion is supposed to be out tomorrow. And the feature list and what the devs are blogging is mouth-watering. Oh my.

Are some of you playing EVE? I told you what I was looking for. Are there any companies willing to show two, somewhat capable pilots (who actually still have some funds left from the past) what EVE feels like if you have a bigger crew to roll with? Hypothetically speaking, of course. I still don’t know whether I will reactivate my account.

EVE, baby, I might be coming back. Will you promise not to hit me again if I do?

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann