Cursing 101

I am one of the “if you want to do it, do it right” school. I try to make it apply to everything. This is the reason why I am kind of ticked off when I hear people say things like “Oh my Gosh!" or “Jeeebus!". Anyways, this “conversation” occured two minutes ago in our office:

A (female): “Fudge!”

me: “The word is ‘fuck’, not ‘fudge’. Curse properly, woman.”

A: “Fudge.”

me: “Fuck.”

A: “Fudge!”

me: “Fuck!”

A: “Guys, is it ‘fudge’ or ‘fuck’? Hey, M, ‘fudge’ or ‘fuck’?”

M: “Is that an offer?”

At this point everyone burst into laughter. I love this place.

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