Wordpress Woes and WTFs

Well, the decision has been made—it certainly feels weird.

The nice (?) side effect is my newly written Wordpress importer for RSS 2.0 and Blogcomments Module support (catchy name). Download it, put it in your WP root folder in /wp-admin/import/ and rename it to rss_2_plus_blogcomments.php. Then run the import from your WP dashboard, that’s all there is to do. Use it, abuse it, spread it, have fun.

Which reminds me: why is the original WP 2.0 RSS importer so freaking braindead?! And people—XML parsing with regular expressions? As part of the official WP package? Give me a break, really. This isn’t 1996, bloody hell.

So the new importer uses PHP5 and SimpleXML. It is still very much a hack job, but at least it’s clean and can deal with CDATA.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann